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We’re applying passion and commitment to serve to our
customers and improve health
About Us

We’re applying passion and commitment to
serve to our customers and improve health
About Us

About Us

Partners Pharma is a pharmaceutical company located in Tirana, Albania.
The company has brought together highly experienced people in the pharmaceutical industry coming from long experience in local and international pharmaceutical companies with high ambition and fast acting. We are growing very rapidly thanks to high quality service, dedication to the customer satisfaction, standing strongly to the ethical principles of our work and thanks to the cooperation with our very reputable partners.

Partners Pharma operates in modern facilities which highly fulfil the necessary conditions for safe storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and equipment’s.

Our Vision

We are focused around values, being customer-oriented, scientific rigor and team work.
Our vision is working with dignity in compliance with local and international legislation in the benefit of each citizen, public or private institution and in benefit of the Country.
We have responsibility for all the patients and medical staff to receive services and products of high quality.

We have responsibility for our employees to be treated with dignity and to be motivated, and their actions must be socially responsible and ethical.

Our team works in integrity in benefit of life of the patients, health institutions and whole community.

We care about the wellbeing of patients and the communities we touch

We care about our colleagues, creating a respectful, diverse and inclusive working environment

Our Mission

Serving as a trusted pharmaceutical wholesaler to distributors, hospitals, and hospital pharmacies.
To offer the best in pharmaceutical importation, distribution, marketing services in Albania.
The interests of our clients, partners, and community always come first.

Some of the partners we
collaborate with

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